Saturday, February 9

Do You Listen to Grace?

Do these things speak to you in the same way they speak to me? Do you feel that welling up in your soul as a flood of peace and love washes over you?
I'm blumbering about my day, just doing for the sake of doing, feeling a bit down because it's gray out, and nothing's perfect, and it's quiet, and nothing's really clean... I'm holding a grudge with myself because I'm not feeling the greatest but I'm wanting to prove to myself that I can just be strong and continue doing like nothing's wrong.
But that's not the way it's meant to be.
It's Saturday. ... Nothing I have to do; all the day to just do whatever I want.
And nothing's going on.
I complain to myself.
But then, I release.
I flop back on the couch with a sigh, and just talk. I simply tell my mother my plain thinking, and she nods her head. And then I get up and return with a fleece throw and a book. I snuggle up on the couch, in front of the gas fireplace, and let myself relax, lost in a captivating story.
And then I look up, turn my head and look around. I listen. I feel.
It's quiet. It's gray outside. Not everything's perfect; not everything's clean. But it's still is...God's still reigning. God is still up there, on His holy throne, looking down from His lofty palace, watching us with His penetrating gaze--all filled with deep love. He is still here, His Spirit in our home, in our hearts, moving in our presence, working in our minds.
The enveloping grayness outside is comforting, secure. It's misty and beautiful. The silence is so peaceful, frozen in time. From the carpet to the ceiling the house is brimming with sincere love. I look around and I am filled with peace, resting in the assurance that all is well, because God is good, and He wishes for us to take joy in His presence.
Things are going on, happening out there in the world, chaos in other homes... There is so much I could do, I hope to do. But for now, God has me here. And it is alright to take a day to rest. It is good for the soul to have peace and the body to have rest.
And so I sigh, with a happy smile of thanks to God. And I get up, and return to sit on the carpet in front of the dancing fire, with a porcelain white plate all piled high with a mound of sunshine and snow: A cut up orange and banana. And I reflect: Sometimes our true beauty doesn't shine forth until God cuts us deep. And then all our color and flavor and life juices are spilled forth, for all to see, and to pour into other people's cups, to fill them with good things. To pass on God's blessings to us. To show them His graces in our lives. To give them love, once we have received God's love in our lives. To show compassion, when we ourselves have been shown compassion. And when those healing morsels of food are received, swallowed, taken in, they work miracles.
Christ was cut and bled for us, a sacrifice, and was made whole again, and glorious.
Christ cuts our flesh, breaks our hearts, that we might break onto Him, that our spirits can be strengthened, released, and made whole again through healing. And then we too shall become glorious and perfectly complete in Him.
And now I'm radiant, shining, beaming. I look at the bright, cheerful fruit on my clean white plate, and I look at the dancing, licking fire in its place, and I look up and see all those clouds of gray, and  I hear the quiet, feel the stillness--the peace--and I thank God for this. He created this day, too, just like any of the others--none are more significant or less than another--every day we are commanded to live for Him and for His glory. To praise Him. To worship Him in His holiness and His glorious splendor. For He never changes, and He was as bright and awesome and powerful yesterday, and tomorrow, as He is today.
So now I take a deep breath, this breathing in anew of Holy Presence, Grace, Love, Joy, Hope, Peace, Strength. And my heart gives thanks.

In the secret, in the quiet place
In the stillness You are there.
In the secret, in the quiet hour I wait,
Only for You,'cause I want to know You more;

I want to know You,
I want to hear Your voice
I want to know You more.
I want to touch You,
I want to see Your face
I want to know You more.

I am reaching for the highest goal,
then I might receive the prize.
Pressing onward, pushing every hindrance aside,
Out of my way, 'cause I want to know you more
(Chris Tomlin, In the Secret)

Wherever you are, God can speak to you. If only you are willing to listen.

In the stillness, listen.
In the chaos, listen.
In the busy workplace, listen.
In the lazy weekends, listen.
In the mornings, listen.
In the nights, listen.

He is everywhere, all time, and He is speaking to you.
What is His tender loving voice speaking into your heart this day? What is His Spirit moving in your soul today?

Can you listen??

Quiet, quiet, He is speaking
Quiet, quiet, can you hear Him calling?
Quiet, quiet, His voice so softly
Quiet, quiet, trust me, trust me

Can you hear Him, hear Him saying my child, my child
Hear Him, hear Him urging you to stop your sinning
Hear Him, hear Him, He is waiting, praying
Hear Him, hear Him saying come back home

Don’t you know He will never give up on you
Even if you give up on Him (He won't give up)
He’ll forever be there with His tender loving care
He will always take you back in

He is pleading (He, He is pleading), follow, follow
He is pleading (He, He is pleading), turn away, turn away
He is pleading (He, He is pleading) saying “I am The Way and The Truth and The Life
You need look no further it’s I that you seek"
(Rescue, Quiet, Quiet)


You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. ~ Jeremiah 29:13, NIV Bible

 And the trees, they stand tall, raising praise to God.

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