Friday, June 12

Brazil 2015: Day 1

I have wanted to fly for so long! Now here I am. I can't believe it. Who knew I would be on my way to BRAZIL right now?! Here I am. It's so surreal. Thank You, Father.
I LOVE it. I have enjoyed every minute of it. :)
Flying over Texas right now. I enjoyed the first flight, sitting between a nice Asian lady, Lee, and a friendly, helpful older gentleman on my right. I have a rather short attention span I think... I wrote a little, read some, and then found the Spanish music channel enjoyable and dozed off. 
Landing in Texas was exciting; lots of people at first! I immediately got directions and hopped on the SkyLine tram system, looking for gate D23. I hopped on the one that said gates C - E, thinking D would be in-between. Well, I probably hopped on the wrong one, because D was not in-between, but, eventually, I got to gate D. :)
The Texas airport was nice. It was big, and fun to explore, and everything was in English so I could find my way easily. 
When I first got off the plane one of the airport employee's said, "Welcome to Mexico!" My eyes got big and I responded, "We're not in Mexico, are we?!"  He laughed and assured me we were in Texas and it just felt like Mexico. For a second I was worried I had gotten on the wrong flight. :P 
One thing I noticed different in Texas, aside from everything being big, flat and dry, was that instead of signs saying "restrooms" the signs said "toilets". I found that to be amusing. 

Texas sunset


Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

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