Saturday, December 5

Something happened.

Something serious has happened.

What God has worked in my heart these two months since being home from college is far beyond whatever growth I thought possible in five year's time.

These moments of laughter, these moments of simple, childlike connections that bond father to daughter, daughter to mother.
These days I have lived at home; settling into my own place, lighting candles, cleaning house, 'making home' and 'nesting'.

Life is worth celebrating.

Family is worth treasuring.

Home is worth nurturing.

More than that, the beauty of Christlike love. The sheer beauty and preciousness of a love that goes beyond selfishness and self-pride; a love that reaches out and lays hold of its prize, a love that will never let you go.
A love that will never stop loving.

He extends grace to us. He gives mercy. He loves unconditionally. He forgives freely. He works steadily.

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