Wednesday, February 10

How's your bathroom doing?

Father! You just spoke to me, again!! THANK YOU!!!
Standing in the bathroom, reasoning with myself, brushing my teeth before bed, and You show me truth... in a close, firsthand, practical, realistic way!! And how You show me so many things, associating objects with emotions, people or character traits.
You are a good, good Father!!!

You are life. To have life is to have You. Without You there would be no life.

You are the water. We are the room. You dwell in us (water inside the room). The water is the foundation of the room, meaning, the room would not have been built except for the fact that there was water--there was life--there was Christ.

In that room are many things, parts of the room that make it up what its supposed to be (we are one body, many members). Those things would not be there if it weren't for the water. The focus is the water; the reason is the water. With the water, and proper upkeep, the things are kept clean and washed. When maintenance is neglected, the things in the room suffer, and so does the room. Outside influence (from another source) creeps in, contaminating the room, latching onto the things like a parasite. The room and everything in it affects all who touch it, who come in contact with it.

We are the room and the things in it. Christ is the water. Sin and Satan are the dirt, filth and grime from outside. If we continually wash ourselves in/with the Word of Christ, we are safe, we are kept clean. If we neglect to use the water, dirt from the outside comes in and stays. And the less we wash, the more contaminated and less healthy we become. Our purpose as a clean, inviting room is not being fulfilled. We are neglecting our duty, giving up on our tasks, because we've come to be okay with a little dirt, a little mess. However we handle our room (and the things in it) everyone who comes across it, into contact with it, is affected. Directly and indirectly! We have the potential of being clean and sanitized, and saving people from death (not from our efforts but because of the water, for it's the water that cleanses), or of causing death to people because we ourselves hold death in our room (the death being the dirt and grime that we let in and then wreaked havoc and brought disease). We do not get to choose the room or the items in it, but we do get to choose how we care for it. And if we choose to care for it, to wash and clean it continually, we are accomplishing its goal of being a clean and safe place, and a place for others to find life.

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