Sunday, April 4

....and I watch......... The rain. it entrances me. It falls, millions of clear liquid droplets, drop to the earth with a splash, sending little rivets and ripples, bathing the earth with its freshness, and quenching its thirst. Giving strength to the purple pansies, violet lilacs, and red tulips, sending surges of water into their cells. There is an earthen, dull grayness enveloping the atmosphere, but it is more than just despair and tears. it is life, it is love, it is blessings and thanksgiving that overflow, spilling over the brim of God's silver cup and raining down on the earth. Blessing us, and renewing the strength of youth.... A thick haze clings close to the dewed and speckled hills and chokes the throats of those who are claustrophobic. It lays like a quiet blanket over our world, seemingly making us the only life-ful creatures... It hushes the city, I only wish to whisper. Many are bound to say it is "yucky" outside. I say it is--mystical. Romantic. Wonderful. Beautiful... Like those of startling blue eyes, or eyes that are a deep, sparkling, unspeakable, glittering pools of brown liquid merriment and life. So deep and mysterious not even the wisest magician can disclose the life hidden in its depths. Love? Hate? Joy? Sorrow?

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