Friday, April 2

I am captivated! I am spell bound! My imagination could never end! The wind thrashes, rages, and madly tosses the boughs of trees wildly about. The huge, small, wondrous, fluffy, dense, all-shaped clouds race and hustle across the rich, deep yet soft, unfathomable, jeweled expanse of the incredulous sky. the golden, bright sun warms my tormented back as fierce rains drop like a torrent off in the west. One moment sun and calm reign, the next, torrents of rain, wind thrashing and blowing my hair, and darkness, as a deep cloud blocks the gold. Now lightening strikes. Now thunder crashes, claps, thunders, growls, and groans and rumbles. The birds sang sweetly, beautifully, majestically, now they are silenced. As quickly as it came, it passes. Cold turns to warmth, and warmth turns to cold. My cat rolls on his back and plays in the lush grass, a timid Goldfinch gives a single peep from a sheltered roost. Bright white candytuft opens its blossoms and brings a smile to my face. Yellow Daffodils peek out of damp, rich soil. Now rain drops, I must run.
Now safe inside, snuggled on the couch, I continue. Rain pours once again, taking rule of nature. It smashes against the windows, pounding to get in. It drenches everything, making the squirrels run. Everything fights so fierce! The clouds... Unspeakable majesty. God reigns!!! It is calm once more. Light grows bright. Final drops of water slide, ooze, down the windows, and gather in a puddle below.
My heart, is full.

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