Wednesday, August 15

Life, is never easy. Oftentimes we ask God, "Why? Why me?!" But that's not it. I understand why, He puts us through these trials so we can grow...We're being refined like silver...Put through the fire again and again, being purified. We need to focus on God. On the cross, and what He did for us. We need to thank Him for the love, mercy, blessings, and grace that He pours out on us every single day! We need to ask Him for help, and not blow up on other people. This, especially, is hard for me. So many times I just want to melt, but...I need to pull myself together, take a deep breath, and pray. We all need to. We need to 'keep our cool' and stay close to Him who even allows us sinful people to live another day under His powerful and loving eye.

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