Thursday, October 4

The Power of the Pen

Can you drink this in? Can you suck up the depth and passion that is held within these delicious words? Picture an autumn day: A crunching under your feet as you walk down the glistening pathway, taking in the beauty that surrounds you; the branching trees showing off their golden and copper-dipped leaves, and a thousand crystal droplets dripping from their ragged trunks. What pictures I can paint! What power lies behind one’s imagination and pen!
The pen is so powerful. You can take it, use it, and make it write whatever your wildest dreams could hope for. Characters come alive. Pictures are painted. Adventures are explored. Stories are drunk in. Places jump off the page. You can write on any subject. You can defend, or critique, analyze, explore, or reflect. A thousand different experiences, stories, and genres are laid out before the naked eye—free—for any one man to behold.
How can one come to take part in such an exciting story? When does a man reach the very limits of his imagination? What is the one vital key to unlock these treasures, to unfold and uncover these mysteries? Language. Language is the key! One must first be well learned and versed in the written language and grammar in order to understand the potency and authority, as well as the authenticity, which writing holds in its sacred bosom.
Such a glorious thing it is to be educated and know how to write! For what could one do if he could not write his thoughts down or pen a letter to a friend? Writing also allows one to employ the use of lists--how very helpful they are! A lady may scribble down on a piece of paper what she needs to do for the day, and as the time wears on, she may check off her list at will and feel very accomplished for having done so. My own mother taught me to read and write at a young age, and since then I have loved being read to, reading myself, and writing daily entries into my own personal diary. I often wonder what I am to write about, or where my love for writing will lead me, for to sit and write is what I love to do, but my indecisiveness flares up when picking a topic.
What is the driving force behind the power of your pen? To what things is your imagination wakened? Politics, humanity, love and war, the ecosystem, sciences, literature. . .
Today’s world is consumed with the all-conquering beauty of business--the passion, art, and idealism of business. Like a kaleidoscope of color is the endless array of topics one could cover. A brush of paint in the rainbow, a gold coin in the mountain of treasure.
Quiet your busy mind and listen to the birds’ singing. Hear the bees buzzing and the crickets chirruping. Watch the sunlight fade; watch the light on the grass. Take a moment to play and simply be. Take joy in the beauty that surrounds you. Spend time with your family and friends and love them. Stretch your creativity and imagination, and do not be afraid to try new things. Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open--open to knew ideas and different worldviews, ways of learning and gaining insight, what one labels success and failure, which priorities are placed where…
Take my hand and walk with me. Come explore this mystery. Search out the color and the light, the adventure and the beauty. Catch your breath on a mountaintop. Hold your breath in the depths of the sea. Take up your pen and write a story. Join with me and let it become part of your history.
So where do you fit on the Ferris Wheel of life? Which bench are you plugged into? Wherever your story lies, whether it be on the fast lane of the rollercoaster or the slow carousal that goes up and down, do not neglect to remember what you might recall reading some years ago: The power of the pen lies within the mind of him who beholds it.
Will you choose to pick up the pen and write your story?

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