Wednesday, January 23

A Taste of Grace: Finding Joy in the Little Things

    Sifting the soft wheat.
    Swirling in the molasses.
    Frying the pancakes, preparing the dinner.
    Setting the table, lighting the candle.
    Scrambling the eggs; tasting the soft morsels of bread.

    I love making some dinners! Taking the ordinary and making it into something special. It's dark outside, but inside the coffee pot's sputtering, the music's dancing off the walls, the rich aromas fill the house...all is sunshine.
    But what makes the sunshine is the love.
    What's really on the inside---of the heart.

    A home is knit together with the finest threads of honor and respect, woven with nurture and care, and held securely in place by cords of love. ~ Karla Dornacher, Love in Every Room

    In every day, search out the light, the glory and the beauty. Look for God's little graces in your life.

    The calm and the quiet, after a busy morning... Setting the atmosphere with white tinsel lights, vanilla scented candles, classical music, the dancing--mesmerizing--fireplace, a cup of tea with the steam curling up from it, great big windows to see the world from, a book and a pen to write with...

    A time of rest, tuning in to God's quiet voice.

    The challenge is to still hear God's gentle whisper in the loud and the flurry. When things are going wrong--food is spilled, the child is screaming, a hand is burned--God is present, everywhere, and in HIM is fullness of joy. That means there is joy everywhere. I just need to choose to look for it.

    Changing a dirty diaper to a clean one.
    Straightening up a messy room.
    Turning all the lights off at the end of the day, when the kitchen's freshly cleaned. :)

    Love. A home. There are struggles and battles, disappointments and sorrows. But Christ reigns in that home, and love is at the center. God's graces are sometimes messy, sometimes hidden. But His grace is enough. His grace will get you through. He wants to fill you up with His grace.
    I cup hands and grace is poured.

    Thank You, Father, for this day. For Your love, grace and joy, filling me up. Help me to always see Your work in every situation.

    To see the glory, name the graces. ~ Ann Voskamp

    Will you choose joy today, focusing on God's goodness to you and His incredible graces?

    If you want to be really alert to seeing Jesus' divine beauty, his glory...then make sure you tune your senses to see his grace. That's what his glory is full of. ~ John Piper

    Photo credits to Ann Voskamp.

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