Friday, January 25

On Coffee Filters and Sewing Patterns: Grace in Action

Coffee. All of it. Anywhere. Any form. The sweet aroma, the deep taste, the snugly feeling it creates.
I love it. :)
We are the filters, God is the beans, and the Holy Spirit saturates us until we produce the drink offering---sharing the love with all around us. :)

Today as I was sipping my homemade Salted Caramel Mocha and cutting out fabric snowmen, I thoughtfully pondered. Could I come up with a spiritual analogy that has to do with following lines on sewing patterns?

God and His Word are our pattern. The fabric under the pattern is God's Way, the rest of the fabric is the world. We are the scissors, snip, snip, snipping, through life. If we don't follow the pattern and stick to the lines of God's Word, then we stray and create an ugly product. The result is nothing beautiful or useful. It is thrown away. But if we stick to the design, keeping steady in our walk, the finished work is received lovingly. And the Holy Spirit will sew our hearts together, till we are bound to Christ in perfection.

Thank You for blessing me with Your love today, Father. For giving me peace, joy and strength.
As I build the train tracks of life, changing routes and placing bridges, help me remember that You are the Master Planner. Show me the lines You want me to follow, and make me a filter for Your love to pour through.

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