Sunday, June 14

Brazil 2015: Day 3

I AM HERE!! It is very real and tangible.... I mean, I see it, I feel it, I hear it, I smell it... I am IN the Amazon Jungle, in South America!! I just still can't believe it. :P
I had no idea I would be here, but when you surrender to God's will, and let Him take you places... Man He will. :)
The coolest part I thought so far was riding through the city suburbs, or rather, a very ghetto seeming side of town. But, to back up. I was very bored waiting at the gate for my flight... Finally, at 9:30pm, we boarded, and at 10:00pm we left. No one sat next to me on this flight. It was a Boeing 737, GOL aircraft, flight 1368 from Sao Paulo to Brasilia with final destination being Porto Velho.
From Sao Paulo to Brasilia it was only an hour, and I had music in my earbuds and dozed off for most of the time, which was nice. Then we stopped in Brasilia (the capitol of Brazil), and had to wait for quite awhile while they unloaded and loaded the luggage, refueled, and boarded passengers. Eventually we were off, and by this time I had been traveling for quite awhile and was restless and couldn't wait to get off.
2 hours later, we landed!!
Seeing Porto Velho at night from the sky was beautiful.
The moment I stepped off the plane I noticed the humidity and the heat. Whoa.
I retrieved my luggage, followed the crowd, and walked through the terminal to the welcoming crowd of people. I was expecting my mom to be there waiting for me, but she wasn't. The airport wasn't very big, only two terminals! So I sat and waited, and eventually spotted her, ran to catch up with her, and we were reunited once again. :)

So we were driven out to the base on a bumpy dirt road out in the Amazon Jungle. Felt like the Indiana Jones adventure ride at Disneyland. :) I arrived at Paul & Megan's house at 2:30 AM on Sunday. Total travel time was 37 1/2 hours, 3 flights, 5 cities, 2 countries.

So super cool and surreal that I am here. It is hot and humid, and the vegetation is very lush, dense and tropical. There are insect noises all night long, bats, frogs, and strange sounding birds. A rooster crows outside as well.

Paul & Megan's house


  1. That is so awesome, Heidi! :D It is such fun to read about your adventures. I'm glad that you got to go! <3