Tuesday, June 16

Brazil 2015: Day 5

I am left alone with the kids for the first time! :P Ahh.... Life is exciting here. Although, not sure whether I would call it exciting or chaotic. Probably chaotic. :P exciting usually has positive emotions attached to it, with some sort of energetic anticipation towards a happy experience. I am not saying there are not things to get excited about and be happy for, but... I think you know what I mean. lol

Well. Things here have a rhythm. For the moment anyway, haha. Life is always changing and maturing and, well you know, goes on. As far as the day-to-day, however, there is a sort of pattern that comes along with having toddlers in your family. Pattern and rhythm exist amidst the chaos.

Breakfast is usually about 8:00am, of oatmeal and toast with a fried egg. We have the use of a small oven, stove top, fridge and sink. No microwave or large-sized anything. After breakfast I do dishes and then take the kids for a walk around a loop of the missions base. When we returned I made some Rice Krispies treats for our evening get together. The kids loved watching me stir the marshmallows as they melted, and then as I stirred in the Rice Krispies into the gooey mess and shaped it in the pan. Lunch is eaten right at 12 noon, which consists of rice and beans and usually some bread and peanut butter afterwards. Kids go down for nap, and lunch dishes are done up. Usually I'll have about an hour to rest myself, whereupon I usually take advantage of the peace and quiet to journal, blog, or catch up on social media.

After naptime the kids have playtime, snack, more playtime, and then dinner. :) After Paul left they played happily and quietly by themselves, then we had snack and went outside to play with bubbles. :) Oftentimes the small things in life are also the most treasured things. <3

So thankful I am here. I adore the kids; they are the cutest things in the world! Precious souls, precious lives, precious children.

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