Wednesday, June 17

Brazil 2015: Day 6

Oi da Amazônia!

Things are crazy and exciting around here. Paul & Megan were able to organize a medivac team from Orlando, Florida to life flight Alia. Megan flies out tomorrow with Alia and the team, and Paul, the kids and I will follow on Friday. This is by no means a quick trip however, as Paul & Megan were planning on going on furlough earlier this year, so this emergency trip will simply jump start their furlough to the US. This means we are packing up the entire house--kids' toys, clothes, food and all. Furniture stays here. :P

The house isn't actually that messy. Things are mostly packed now, meaning neat and tidy bins stacked everywhere. Today was laundry day--we went through six loads at least. Megan and I also managed to walk a loop of the missions base, and take the kids to the big swimming pool in the afternoon. Karis was very dedicated and caught a butterfly with her bare hands. Ethan rescued a dragonfly from the pool and carried it almost all the way home. He dropped it and we lost it somewhere along the way. :'(

Yesterday afternoon I had made meatloaf for dinner, but we were unable to light the oven; so we resorted to mac 'n cheese. Tonight the oven worked, so we were able to have a hearty meal of baked potatoes and meatloaf, along with cheesecake for dessert. It was a happy house. :)

"Auntie Heidi, look what I can do!"

"I picked flowers for Mama!"

The swimming pool

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